Certification Management

Maintaining current Training 5000-23s for all work being performed is a critical function for safety, competency and MSHA compliance. Sync provides the structure and tools to seamlessly manage the organization of all your training records. Our implementation experience, process, and tools will quickly sync up your existing records.

Training Delivery

Sync provides everything trainers need at their fingertips to delivery training out in the field, or in the classroom with no paper, no filing, no hassle.

    • MSHA Compliance
    • Progression Training Plans

SyncLinked for Contractors

Contractors are a critical part of the mining industry and coordinating their certification records required when they come on to do work on site is critical.
    • Trained Same as Wmployees in Sync
    • SyncLinked Portal Facilitates Online Collaboration to Manage the Requirements of Each Worker in the System.
    • Mines can Push out Access to Their Contractors
    • Contracting Companies can Provide Their Project Team With Online Access to the Mines They are Working With.

For Supervisors

Sync SafetyOps provides a broad range of functions to support daily safety tasks that are required by your folks out in the field.
    • Workplace Exams
    • Pre-Op Inspections
    • Tracking Time Against Work Activities and Equipment
    • Shift Assignments Management


In-House Solutions are Destined to Fail

Great miners don't want to work at Google. The best software developers don't apply for positions at mines. We've seen countless companies try to develop in-house solutions and the best case scenario is usually a mess of disparate systems trying to talk to each other and never truly achieving the final goal of getting rid of paper and improving productivity or worse - having that developer you hired who is the only one who understands the code take another job leaving you with a system you can't maintain and wasting the time and money you invested.

Our system has been battle tested by use in rugged environments for the better part of a decade. We're the experts that can have you up and running quickly, pull data in from your ERP, HR, or any other systems, provide always available assistance to your admins, and bring your new folks up to speed when you have employee turnover.