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Sync provides a comprehensive digital platform and experienced guidance

You provide the innovative organizational insight and great training expertise

Together we will transform your safety and competency training

The Sync Mine Safety Training system provides a great User Experience for Safety Training Administrators, Supervisors and Competent Trainers to deliver and manage MSHA compliant safety and competency training.  Whether you’re in the office, the classroom, or deep underground, Sync lets you easily deliver training,  digitally sign the 5000-23, then automatically store it in the cloud.

Amplifying  Worker Safety and Competency

Ultimately, great Training is about great trainers sharing their knowledge and experience to educate new workers in the tasks and safety awareness to deepen their skills and keep them safe.  Sync is a tool to amplify the effectiveness of those trainers.


Better Safety

Compliance with 5000-23s at the Safety and Equipment Task Code level detailed out in step by step digital checklists with the integration of Standard Operating Procedures.

Better Competency

Task level operator competency training that incorporate the best practices of your people, industry and the manufacturer into digital training checklists that directly improve operator effectiveness.

Better Mining

Better training of your team in a more efficient, comprehensive, safe process leads to a more productive work force.

Digitally Transform Training & Compliance

Are you excited with possibilities in continually improving the way that business is done, with digital transformation that is specific to improving the way that workers are trained to make them better and safer at what they do?

Digital Training Assistance Anywhere, Anytime

Sync’s mission is to Amplify Worker Experience through digital transformation by providing a robust digital platform and guidance in how to tailor it to the unique voice and possibilities of each organization.

  • Sync provides the digital tools to continually innovate and transform the way that workers are trained and the quality of your content.

  • Synchronized training delivered Anywhere, Anytime, on-line or off, through Sync's digital “power tool”.

  • Ease of use through a simple, sophisticated User Experience front-end application that automatically manages all documents

The safety and competency training demands within the mining industry are complex and compliance is strictly enforced by MSHA.  There has not been a comprehensive solution that “Syncs-up” the tasks and data required in managing, administering and delivering training that harmonizes the multi-headed challenges for Safety, Competency and Compliance.

Sync Digital Training Transformation eliminates the paper processing and manual filing from training management

Allows a synchronized mix of training content

  • Flexible Admin tools to tailor the content for each Task Code

  • Instant access to Video, Documents or Computer Based Training

  • Include SOP review tracking in the certification mix

Training executed by the Trainer on site at the equipment

  • Guided through the approved content

  • Digitally signed and automatically Synced in the system

Safety Training

  • Site Safety Reviews, New Minors, Returning Experienced Minors

  • Relieve administrative hassle of the Annual Refresher

  • Class scheduling and signing

Task Code Competency Training

  • Detail checklist training for operating equipment

  • Streamlined Annual Recertification using  worker'sigital record

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