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Synchronized Training Delivered Anywhere, Anytime

We believe operations software is at its best used where the work is getting done. This often means going underground where the equipment is, and the internet isn’t. That’s why all of our software solutions are built from the ground up to work when the internet doesn’t.

  • Grab a Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet, train underground for 8 hours, and sync back to the central cloud repository at the end of the day. That’s the workflow that makes the Sync system a training powerhouse for the mining industry.

  • Sign with a stylist directly on the Surface Pro where the training is delivered to authorize the training and meet MSHA requirements.

ERP and HR System Integration

Easily establish direct data integration between Sync and your ERP and HR systems to coordinate employee and equipment records.  Supervisors get real time visibility to employee status changes and automated training recommendations for  re-assignments, promotions, new hires, re-hires, and new assets.

Cloud System and Doc Storage

Sync is a cloud based system using Microsoft’s Azure cloud as the foundation, providing quick deployment with full security and dial tone reliability. Replaces your cabinets of scanned paper docs with digital images (no scanning or filing) stored in Azure with  instant access anytime, anywhere.

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