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Sync Technology


Sync integrates leading contemporary technology to provide a comprehensive set of digital functionality  that dynamically replaces existing  paper and work around manual processes, freeing you up to deliver great training

Azure & Records

Sync has integrated Azure as the foundation of our applications:

  • Instantly create your organizations system environment

  • Azure Security

  • 24x7x365 support coverage

Microsoft Azure Cloud


Azure provides enterprise class servers and SQL Server Database, accessed through the Internet, supported by Microsoft  and Sync

Digital documents are available anywhere, anytime:

  • Access to view them instantly for each Employee

  • Print them as required for MSHA

  • Distribute digitally to employees

5000-23 Certificates

MSHA Logo.jpg

Once training is complete, sign-off is done digitally on the device, then the 5000-23 is generated and entered into system

All training checklists and content is:

  • Stored in Azure SQL

  • Reports available by date for all training activity to support incident review and assist in continuous improvement

  • Support of net change review of Task Code changes

Training Administration

Training Puzzle.jpg

Training Admins create and manage   training checklists and attach  content for consistent training across the organization

Notifications can be sent to:

  • Notify workers and supervisors when training is scheduled

  • Notify Training Admin of completed training

  • Send workflow tasks for approval as required in processes

  • Notify participants in new required Campaign reviews

Workflow & Notifications


Sync integrated workflow technology provides automated communication to all training participants and stakeholders

Roles can be adjusted for each organization's needs:

  • Training and Safety Administrators

  • Trainers and Supervisors

  • Employees

  • Managers

Role Centric Portals


Sync roles based security technology provides tailored portal access based on the what each user needs to amplify their work

Training Administrators can specify Training Plans for:

  • New Minor and Experience Minor requirements

  • Job role training curriculum progressions over time

  • Specific Safety plans specific to each piece of equipment

  • Location specific Safety Training including SOPs

Training Plan Management

Equip Grad.jpg

Sync provides functionality to identify specific Training Plans for the different job roles, locations and career progressions

This provides instant access and painless management of all:

  • Training certifications with dates and signature

  • Data  accessed anytime from anywhere in supporting training delivery and reporting

Digital Records Management

Digital Records.jpg

All training records and related data are automatically stored as digital data and images in the Azure SQL Server Database

Link different content for different Task Code training needs

  • PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Images or PDF documents

  • Videos for Trainees to view

  • SOP documents for review on-line as part of process

  • Computer Based Training 3rd party content as well

Content Management


All Training materials are stored in Azure for instant access by Trainers with a click, ready  to review with Trainees

Microsoft Surface Pro tablets can be used anywhere:

  • Trainers can train individuals or groups right at the equipment underground or in the class room

  • Supervisors have visibility to all training records anywhere, anytime to confirm their people are certified for task

  • Deliver Training, Sign and auto sync completed records

Sync Training Delivery

2 Person Training.jpg

Sync technology provides robust off-line synchronization of all training checklists, content and employee training activities 

Campaigns can be set up to support:

  • MSHA mandated review of safety procedures

  • Automatically track status as each individual signs off

  • Great for reviews of new procedures and SOPs

  • Use digital filters to create campaign lists of the right people

Campaign Management


Sync Campaign functionality provides the ability to set up specific training and safety actions and reviews to groups of workers

Contractor Admin can securely access Sync to:

  • Review their employee Training records in Sync

  • Upload additional training documents

  • Schedule and manage on-site activities of employees

  • Equipment and other coordinating details

Contractor Portal

Vendor Portal.jpg

Contract Workers are a critical part of most organizations workforce.  Sync Portal technology allows direct Vendor Access

Notifications for Admin to take appropriate actions:

  • Activate / deactive training records for employee leave

  • On-board new hires tied to Training Plans

  • Track employee activity in Annual Refresher, Annual Re-certifications and required Campaign Tasks

Employee Change Management

Start Job.jpg

Sync integrates to ERP/HR systems to coordinate changes in employee status to ensure  the training impacts are managed

Certs & Content
Training Adm & Delivery
Workflow & Campaigns
Training & Emps
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