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Company Mission


Our mission is delivering software that provides amazing, next generation User Experience front ends for operations field users.  Combining ease of use simplicity with the sophistication of capabilities they require to perform their work, our software amplifies the abilities of “hard hat” users, enabling greater safety, competency and business productivity.

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Working with one of the largest mines in North America, the team at Zimt Apps have created the Sync Mine Safety Training System, a comprehensive MSHA compliant training delivery and management system unmatched in the industry.

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”We had been over whelmed in dealing with the paper and manual process with our MSHA certification training.  We engaged Zimt Apps to create a system that would amplify our ability to deliver great safety and user competency training while ensuring our MSHA compliance—and do it in a way that would dramatically streamline the process.  The results are the Sync Mine Safety Training system and it has exceeded our expectations and is making a tremendous difference in our business.

Training Administrator, Sibanye Stillwater

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