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Product Features


Safety Training

Amplify the impact of your Trainers with great tools to simplify the delivery of Safety Training whether one-on-one or in the class room

  • New Miner and Experienced Minor training scheduled, delivered, with 5000-23s generated and digital records managed across the organization

  • Site Safety Training with your great content stored and ready to deliver

  • Annual Refresher:  Digital class scheduling, auto notifications, class session sign-in, auto generated 5000-23s and payroll reports 

Safety Training

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Task Codes

Sync's Task Code Training facilitates great trainers delivering great detailed equipment and ops training one-on-one or in small groups, on-site in front of the asset in the field or underground, checking off each task items as it is reviewed

  • Equipment Competency Training drives worker efficiency and increased safety

  • Task Code Checklists, managed by the Training Admin team, are tailored to the equipment and policies of your organization

  • Integrate SOPs and Competency requirements for certification

  • Digital checklists ensure all point are covered and confirmed by the Trainee

  • Generates 5000-23s with the digital record automating future Annual Recertification Review Process

Task Code Training

Task Code Training.jpg

Organizing and executing specific training campaign programs for groups of individuals is an important task in keeping people up to date on changes and in compliance when specific details for review are mandated by MSHA

  • Simple to set up a Training Campaign using List Management to select the workers to include based on their roles and Certifications

  • Identify the content to be reviewed and the dates with automated notifications to workers and their Supervisors

  • Supervisors review the content with workers directly in Sync and sign-off when completed to update the system and validate their compliance

  • Campaigns can also be used for scheduling and executing class room training

Classes & Campaigns

Campaigns & Classes.jpg

Supervisors can instantly view the Training Records for their team with a couple of quick clicks to confirm they are in compliance for specific tasks and equipment

  • Visibility to current certifications for the worker with the relevant action dates for 5000-23s, SOPS and Special Training Reviews

  • View Certification documents with a quick click

  • Identify if they have met Annual Refresher and Recertification compliance

  • Visibility to each individuals roles in the organization

Employee Certifications

Employee Admin.jpg
Annual Refreshe

Managing the Annual Refresher training process is an intensive annual task for the Safety Administrator.  Scheduling the sessions then ensuring everyone is put in sessions, notified, attends and signs off for 5000-23 certification.  Sync simplifies these tasks, acting as a digital assistance to guide you through the process.

  • Schedule the classes and manage the class content

  • Assign workers to a session and manage changes to fit schedules

  • Easily include contractors

  • Instant Notifications to the workers and their Supervisors

  • Class Management with digital sign-in, instant certification creation and attendance and payroll reporting

Annual Refresher

Annual Refresher.jpg
Annual Recerts

Ensuring all workers are in compliance with the annual MSHA Task Code Training Recertification to validate that they are up to speed on their Task Codes is a critical compliance requirement.  Previously an intensive manual paper process, it happens with a few clicks in Sync through a simple to use interface for the Supervisors to review with their workers.

  • Kick-off for the new year with the required reviews ready for each Supervisor

  • Supervisors access their employees review in Sync and walk through the check boxes to identity the codes that are still good and any in dispute

  • Digitally sign-off when complete, then all records are automatically updated

  • Progress across the organization is visible in real time to assist in compliance

Annual Recertifications

Annual Recertification.jpg
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