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Role Based Benefits

Sync’s core is to amplify the efforts of Training Administrators in supporting their activities to facilitate great training that continually improves worker safety and competency while ensuring MSHA compliance.

  • Employee Administration.  Full visibility to each employees organizational roles and act on changes as people are hired, terminate and go on-leave

  • List Management.  Easily create and maintain worker lists for campaigns, notifications, MSHA required updates, Annual Refreshers and other needs

  • Training Records Management.  Digitally track all training records (eliminate paper processing) with instant access to all training details for all employees and contractors

  • Training Scheduling.  Easy collaboration with Trainers, Supervisors and Workers to schedule and track the delivery of all required training

  • Task Code Administration.  Create and manage Task Code checklists to be used for consistent, documented training specific to each Task Code skills

  • Standard Operating Procedure.  Integrated administration of critical SOP documents that support safe, competent procedures

  • Manage all Training Content required for each Task Code Training to be instantly accessed and presented consistently by the organizations trainers

  • Reporting.  Single click reporting on all aspects of training

  • Training Programs.  Assemble combinations of trainings for job roles, locations, and types of activities to keep workers growing in their skills and career progression

Training Admin Assistant

Employee Admin.jpg
Task Code Administration.jpg
Admin Assistant
Trainer's Tool Box

Sync provides Trainers everything they need to deliver great training from a single pane of glass.  All content is prepared in advance by the training team so when it is time to deliver the training, it is just a click away, ready to go.

  • All training requirements for each Task accessed from a single screen to review and sign-off whether working with an individual or group

  • Instantly pull up the appropriate Task Code Checklist and take the trainee through the steps in a class room or in the field

  • Share videos, images and content right at the equipment with the trainee

  • Tracks SOP reviews, with instant access to review and sign off

  • On completion, sign-off right on the device, and a 5000-23 is generated, stored in the cloud and ready to print back in the office

  • See what training is scheduled and in process to complete

  • Do it remotely underground at the equipment with Sync’s off-line capability

Trainer's Tool Box

Trainers Tool Box.jpg

Supervisor’s hold the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the safety and competency of their teams and Sync amplifies their abilities by providing everything they need from a simple, “single pane of glass”.  Think of it as a "Digital Power Tool" for Supervisor’s, where they can instantly see all the training records of their workers and take actions to keep them safe and growing.

  • “My Employees” instant access to all training Records with dates, certificate images to know who can operate the required equipment

  • Notifications with ability for direct actions on Campaigns, SOP reviews and organizational announcements shown on the Home Page

  • Assign training to be scheduled for an employee for a specific Task Code

  • Easily configured to provide one screen visibility to additional information from other systems and requirements

Supervisor's Portal

Supervisor Portal.jpg
Supervisor's Portal

Contractors are an important part of your workforce and ensuring they are trained and in compliance with MSHA is critical.  Sync makes this easy with their training records integrated into the system.

  • Deliver contractor training using the same tools as employees

  • Track contractor training to ensure safety and compliance for their tasks

  • Integrate Sync’s Contractor Portal to provide secure access by the Contractor’s organizations to interact directly with requirements and notifications

Contractor Training Management

MSHA Portal

Sync is an MSHA savvy digital assistant to assist your Safety Training team in the events and tracking required to support your MSHA training plan compliance.

  • Safety Training and Annual Refresher

  • Task Code Training and Annual Recertifications

  • MSHA Quarterly Review Assistance

  • Digitally track all required 5000-23s for all employees

  • Part 46 and Part 48 support

  • Incident Response assistance with digital training record instant access

MSHA Review Support

MSHA Portal.jpg
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